Home is a piece of driftwood crashing against the rocky shoreline of a place I have kept sailing away from.
If this life gave me anchors I only know progress will be slow,
but it wont stop me.
If life gave me salt water I know storms will come, and come,
and come.
The punchline is I was born by the ocean,
I know how to wait until the inevitable calm settles again.



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2 responses to “Tide

  1. This piece is really speaking to me at the moment. I’m about to move back to a place that I sometimes feel is more like home than home. I have very mixed emotions about it!

    • Home is a tricky concept, it’s not until I was in my twenties I understood the feeling of having a hometown, a home village sort of thing. But the cliche of home is where your heart is stands true I think. I think we make our own homes, sometimes over and over again.

      Good luck on your move.

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