Young Love

Suburbia Love:
I love you like my neighbour loves to mow the lawn;
Mindlessly without awareness of drought.

Almost March Love:
You shine to me like the promise of spring break in a foreign country;
free of boarders and the illusion of safety.

I’m almost 18 Love:
You to me are freedom of tequila shots and three girlfriends holding my hair,
our kisses are the battlefront of a war we know nothing about.

I’ve Been Reading A Lot Lately Love:
I want our love to be as classless and messy as a marxist utopia I only know very little about,
but romanticise,
to death.

I’m Finding Myself Love:
I love you like the new white canvases on the wall of my new room;
I want to fill you, I want to fill you.

University Drop Out Love:
I doubt everything except how your hands,
roam my body,
like the textbooks
I want to throw you against a wall,
and set you on fire.”


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