We’re all sinking but you’re swallowing water like this is the only thing you can win.
I’m not saying you’re not fighting,
we all turned up to the arena and you got there late,
handing over money to the bookie saying:
Put it all on the other guy.
Then smiled easy.
You say you’re not here just to leave early.
But the difference between leaving or staying out late, eye fucking death pouring drinks by the bar,
is either way,
I can’t see your eyes most of the time.
Like you’re looking ahead but it’s downwards, like you can’t hear me shouting, like I can’t reach you, I can’t shake you!
Nothing between you and the ocean floor now that you’ve swallowed it all,
you tell me not to worry while climbing in to the ring not wearing gloves.
I stopped seeing nooses in every belt buckle you own but you don’t buckle up when you drive,
and it drove me away.


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