Black sails

I will make my house here out of urchins so no one will ever forget I am a daughter of the sea.
For what good it did me.

We thought as children and acted as children yet we had the bodies of women,
And she said “I am the white fox” and it became so, her fur bristling, her teeth snapping.
I knew her when she gnawed everything of the bones and drew herself naked on the walls.
She looked them all in the eye and said “this is my den and this is my sister.” and it became so.

I proclaimed my self cat and I ran through that year honing my teeth.
And a daughter of the sea, my fur it smelled of salt water and kelp, my heart it shook like a sail in storm.
The sea taught me how to give, and give of myself.
For what good it did me.

And a cat thinks anythings that feeds it is a home, so I snapped the neck of that notion, left it at the edge of the shoreline and said “I am the lynx.” and the sea remained the same.
So I left, because the sea taught me how to dig my fingers into stone if I am just patient enough.
And that did me good.

She left a piece of her heart with a man who built her a shipwreck, and now it’s there in the bottom of him calling her home like a siren.
And I have found myself leaving fresh kills at the doorstep of an old lover again so who am I to say no;
run home.
Do not love men who are set on sinking.
We are of the ocean, we know how it takes and takes and takes.


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