Let’s be each others For A While – Thing.

The winter seems longer this year and I am sick of sitting alone in the theatre, in the restaurants, coffee shops and sofas.
Let’s be each others Muses For A Few Week – Thing.
You do your painting, I’ll write,
we’ll occupy each others space and time.
I’ll make the coffee, you call for food.
I’ll remind you to shower and you’ll wash my face in the evening with the blue soft cloth.
Let’s be each others Until The Flowers Come Back – Thing.
I can smell loneliness on your books when I come to your place,
my body and yours can intertwine and it will be good, it will be nice.
Our ankles can lock while we read at night, I can sing aloud and you can pretend to be annoyed.
And hum under your breath.
Let’s go for walks, lets tell no one when we see them, but see them together all the time.
Let’s drink expensive whisky and eat cheap, lets go to early saturday markets and then to sleep.
Let’s be each others Life Is Too Short For Winters Alone – Thing.



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