Seeing Red

After the fairy tale ended Red grew up to find that wolves who crave to chew on the bones of little girls were never far away.
She armed herself and made herself as sharp as any knife, honing her claws and tongue alike.
Did Prince Charming walk downstairs to find Cinderella sleeping in the fireplace years after they married?
Her hands torn up and her mouth twisted around broken apologies, asking “what’s did my mother call me before I was Cinderella?” and no one could answer.
Does Aurora drink cup after cup of coffee trying not to fall asleep?
Does she wake up in a panic every morning grasping for her prince, needing to see he had not turned to bones and ashes while she slept?
What good is a kingdom, what good is a castle for Rapunzel who can’t go outside without the choking feeling of dying stuck in her throat.
Or maybe she is never seen because she sleeps on rooftops, in trees and under bridges, needing to not feel trapped.
Does her prince smile when she finally comes home, skin tanned, hands calloused and her shifty eyes already planning on leaving him once more?
Ariel can never go home again and her voice gets lost when she tries to tell her Eric that he can’t be her everything.
Slowly, like waves grinding rocks into sand, this new land and her new people grates her down to nothing but a trembling body of longing.
Red sleeps with nothing but knives and axes, waking up most nights thinking she hears paws outside her window.
And they lived happily ever after.


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