Teeth marks

 I dreamt of someone.
They say you can’t dream up a new face, that every face is someone you have seen before.
I told him his curls made him look like an angel and he said there was nothing angelic about him,
it was such a cliché and I laughed into his neck while he licked my fingertips.
Already crossing boundaries you don’t have when you’re awake and he fit so well against me.
I dragged my teeth against his pulse and he said come on, tear me apart, I’ve been waiting for you.
He lifted me into a box that was just big enough for us, I asked if he meant to bury us, he said please, please and his fingers dug into my thighs.
At one point, sweaty and mumbling profanities against his shoulders I ripped his back open and sank my teeth into his spine while he begged me to fucking ruin him.
He whimpered please, please let me remember and he held my wrists so hard.
He said it’s raining, is it raining where you are?
I said please don’t go, find me, find me.
I woke to the sound of rolling, exploding thunder and the rain heavy on the window above me.
My mouth tasted of sex and blood.
They say you can’t dream up a new face,
so somewhere out there is a man with angel curls, a manic laugh and my teeth marks in his spine. 


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