Urban exploring

You say you wish I could love me as much as you do,
but you love empty houses with a passion I find frightening.
Are you trying to climb inside my walls to see what others have left behind?
Will I be remembered as an adventure you tell your friends about,
the one time you set up camp and lived vigorously while I fell apart around you?
I’m being unfair and belittling, yes, because the alternative is that when you look at me you see something whole.
And for all I talk big of anger and forgiveness I dread to think that these feelings are mere phantom pains that will fade.
I love you, I love you, I love you and I’m scared you’ll come home and find my windows nailed shut.
I’m scared that for all the shouting and rain raging against my doors I will never open again.
For sake of argument, let’s pretend I’m a woman and not an empty house.
I need you to promise me you’ll always hold my face in your hands like you hold the key to something special,
because you’ll find in the process of rediscovering forgiveness and anger I also found greed.



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2 responses to “Urban exploring

  1. savannahlyn

    Beautifully written, I love it

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