I’m just so fucking hungry I could devour everything.
I want to this to be the man that sates me,
 who feeds me the eight times a day I’m hungry and watch me lick the plates.
I want to suck on tea bags and his neck.
I want to let my tongue trace the lines and veins of him.
When he speaks I want him to keep speaking for days until his throat is so raw that I can see the words press themselves out of his bloody lips.
What did he do to me for me to have become this hungry thing?
I want everything he can give me.
I want him to fill me in every sense of the word.
I can’t control this desperate, aching, feeling in my fingertips.
I want to dig my nails into him and look for answers.
The spaces between my teeth wants to know him.
This man is born of earth and meat and bones and I want to love him raw.


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