Doctor Bowen was enjoying himself, it was a quiet, warm night with just enough wine and good company in one of the student who had come to his lecture earlier that day. Martin showed great potential and Doctor Bowen was pleased.

“I’m glad you’re settling in at the university, in our world it’s really all about finding the right spot to squeeze in and make yourself comfortable. After that it’s a balance of preforming adequately and getting enough out of it for yourself.” Bowen finished with a small smile and put down his cigarette.

“That’s what she said” Martin said with a short snort, reaching for his wine glass. Doctor Bowen sighed and shook his head, with a slick movement he reached into his travel bag, pulled a gun and shot Martin in the head.

“I really need to stop doing that, or find a larger pit. “ Bowen said to the remains of Martin while finishing his cigarette.



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2 responses to “Pit

  1. Maybe it’s time I talked to someone about how much I enjoy stories containing senseless death.

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