Spring Awakening II

Something woke up.
With her sore muscles and bright eyes,
Something that shivered when she smiled.
Her teeth gleaming in the mirror and she stretched herself outwards, towards the sunshine barely reaching through the heavy curtains.

Something woke up and at first she touched the spikes lightly with her fingertips,
feeling her way around them while the murmurs and goosebumps crept up her back.
She whispered to the monster in her spine that it was safe and the two of them danced in the red light shining blindingly in her window.  

And her laughter caused the men in suits to walk around her in polite circles.
The vibrations settled in the nape of her neck and after settling down she swayed with the bass of a new day.
She was again hot iron, hard ice and raw nature.
And the waves would not float her away this time. 


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