I don’t stick with things

I don’t stick with things.

Projects started and left in the bookshelf with loose threads still hanging and that layer of shading still to do.
Tucked away in the back of a drawer is that thing I started sewing that I need to iron and hem.

I start, as you know, with good intentions and plans. Charts and set days.

I tried exercising at home, to music I liked and in my own speed, held that up for a couple of weeks.

Proudly I started drinking green smoothies and bake things with seeds in them, I make pots and pans of things and I guess we’re just lucky that I always think of new things to make since I seldom come back to projects I’ve left behind. Like baking goji berries into everything.

(it was like eating brownies with raisins in them)

I don’t stick with things.

To the frustration of friends and lovers, staying there for a moment and then of to the next bar, the next lap, the next city. Leaving traces and blouses and weird drawings in corners where I used to sit while I was there.

I don’t even stick with myself, I may start the day a heavy lined bohemian, next a wispy forest creature and end up a tired disillusioned girl warrior.

But at the end of it all, when I put away the project of the week, dishes of the day still standing and make up removed. I lay down behind your sleeping form and slip one arm around you and kiss your shoulder. Things change, I change, my mood and wants and needs change.

But I stick with you.


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One response to “I don’t stick with things

  1. Daniel @nocturnal_tick

    Totally haphazard, skeewhiff, and conflabuated. Some parts seemed to fit perfectly, others made me think “Really?” But it all came together PERFECTLY in that last line. Because it IS all about how nothing seems to fit right, the words get muddled, and it doesn’t fit how it’s supposed to. But none of that changes that one thing, the way you feel with that one person. Honestly made my heart tug. Well done. 🙂

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