it felt like just another one of those days where my brain had been forced into the back of my head by the english fog when she knocked on my door.

She was one of those girls who sat on the floor with her legs crossed and her hands waving around her as she talked, like she was pushing her words into excistence.

She talked just as much through the clinking of thirty bracelets as she did with her smiles. Suddenly she would fall silent and look at me across the top of her coffee cup and ask Do you understand me?

I would nod with such entusiasm that brown curls fell down into my eyes and she would smile and say how sorry she was that she talked on

I woke up today with life in my head, old men with their wine bottles and young girls with their perfumes that smelled of late autumn. I had to get out and buy some cigarettes and tell someone about the sun I saw yesterday.

She laughed while explaining, and as her words got pushed towards me I rolled a new cigarette and thought back to the night she ran into the ocean and exclaimed that she was Venus, here to save me from my tiresome bohemian life. 


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