Spring awakening

She had loved before.
In rough ways.
Hands that held her down,
marks she carried with her the day after
like medals of honor,
honor lost and honor won.
Satisfactions that came with storms,
and they could sense her well before they saw her.
Even over the perfume the wildness made their souls vibrate.
It was just the way she was.
The smile that was always curled satisfied against the corner of her mouth
was now stretching like a wicked cat,
while her eyes was searching,
Everything close had started tiring her long ago
and today
she was not hot iron, hard ice and raw nature.
Today she was calm waves,
newly cut grass and bare feet while she drank her coffee.
They passed her in overly polite sircles
not realizing she had tamed her beast and learned how to float before she leaped.
And with a mood set on half lazy, she wondered where she would float away to this time



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2 responses to “Spring awakening

  1. Scrolled through this entire blog, thank you so much for sharing.. beautiful.

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