So she bends down over you to write her life on your back with feathers.

Swaying to the heavy rhythm of the song playing in the background.

They are singing about new beginning and you feel her press down a bit harder when he mentions how it feels like drowning.

You say nothing when you feel the ink start to run down your sides and she starts to dance.

Watching her tip toe up the wall shes refusing to look at you and its fine because her face is disconcerting to you anyway.

The way her hair falls over her forehead and she has no eyes.

She opens the windows and turns her head over her shoulders so you can glimpse her grinning mouth with shards of glass instead of teeth, you can feel them on the inside of your thighs even though she’s not even close.

You say nothing when she falls, nothing when the soft thud echoes, nothing when she comes crawling back up to continue writing. You only turn around on the mattress and let her write.


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